American Tongue (AT) was created by the multi-talented, award winning communications consultant, voice actor and author, Derek Davis  (DD). Derek has provided services to many international Fortune 500 companies as well as government entities in the U.S.A and China.


Derek Davis (DD) has an impressive collection of more than 12,000 voice recordings spanning more than 30 years. From cartoon characters to medical narrations, Derek's versatile voice can create productions that are unique. He is also a creative writer. Some of his written work includes educational material, journals, articles and books. See a brief list here.

Don't get tongue-tied! Learn the gift of gab." - DD

No regional accent, clear enunciation, diverse voice ability (seductive, humorous, mature adult, kid, fast tempo, etc), multiple voices and characters. Taught native speakers how to speak professionally and lose their regional accents. Additional fees apply for voice characters.

**Other voice actors available: female, child, British English, or any language you may need.


English advertising, voice acting & ads dubbing are much different than the Chinese style. In English, commercial scripts are written with less story and more of a promotional or sales approach. English scripts are concise, direct and to the point, whereas in Chinese, they will have a story line. Some translation from Chinese to English will be lost in many scripts. Therefore, expect a more direct approach in English. As they say, "time is money" and this is certainly true in advertising.

Try saying esophagogastroduodenoscopy 10 times really fast! We do it everyday! We have a "thing" for medical terminology having voiced 1000's of medical advertisements and medical narrations for medical organizations and pharmaceutical companies. We offer Medical English training and Medical speech coaching through our partner Medegal.com


When you need it enunciated accurately consult AT - the leader in medical narration and medical voice overs.


Listen to demos here

Voices for Toys
Video games, e-learning products, phone apps, interactive games, learning laptops, dolls & robots, animated
e-books, digital toys, cartoons and animated movies.

Voices for Narration
Corporate videos, e-learning products, helplines, documentaries, e-books, presentations, messaging systems, internet voice-overs, computer applications, children’s stories, educational and training materials, museums & historical sites, and medical narrations / medical voice overs.

Voices for Broadcast
TV & radio, audio guides, promos, commercials (ads dubbing), cable TV, movie trailers, infomercials.

AT can be hired as a host / emcee / actor.



​Script writing, proof reading, editing of recorded English programs - scripted, voiced, edited, polished and produced in studio. Customized writing and recordings available, including soundtracks & jingles.

Note: Due to the heavy production load, AT does not produce with less than 8 hours notice.​​​​​​​

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