English Communications Training:

Corporate Training, Business Training, Voice + Speech Coaching, Basic to Advanced English, and Business English Training by experienced native English speaking business and communication professionals.

Business related training:

Business English (for beginners to advanced)

Advanced Public Speaking, Presentation Skills & Glossophobia Remediation

Voice + Speech Coaching

​Debate / Forensics​

Resume / CV writing & Interviewing Skills

​Effective Time Management

NEW! Customer Service Skills for Success

NEW! Business NOW!

NEW! Computing Essentials for Business

NEW! Communicating at Work


"Helping professionals in Asia become competent and confident communicators using English"​

We train the trainers

​American Tongue provides Communications consulting, Voice + Speech Coaching and Business English training / Corporate Training in Shenzhen, Wuhan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Taipei, and other cities in China to Chinese owned English schools and their employees, Chinese English teachers and Universities. We train Chinese teachers how to speak and teach English properly and help them eliminate Chinglish habits.

AT has provided voice + speech coaching services to many famous University professors, business owners, corporate executives, managers and other professionals in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Taipei and other cities in China and throughout Asia. Clients have vastly improved their English enunciation; became more familiar with Western cultural communications; learned how to introduce themselves properly; learned how to conduct meetings in English; how to give an oral presentation / speech in English; learned to overcome their fear of speaking in public; and, enhanced their overall business communication skills. AT has also trained native English speakers how to speak professionally for broadcasting careers by helping them eliminate local English accents.


For Medical English or Healthcare related training consult our partner Medegal.com


Need basic English training? AT offers Talk to the Tongue! It's online English training using a practical approach - includes textbook or other material and 3 hours each week with a native English speaking teacher. Pay as you go, no large deposits or contracts! The best deal for learning proper English! Paypal, Alipay, direct deposit from anywhere in the world. VIP (1-on-1) also available.

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